Multiple-resistent staphylococcus aureus bacteria (MRSA)


Multidrug-resistant bacteria keep the medical world in suspense. Frequent forms are MRSA - bacteria. Much more aggressive are Klebsiella and Escherichia coli (EHEC), which increasingly constitute Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamases, i.e. enzymes which can inactivate the beta lactam antibiotics. Wounds are bacteria´s favorite playground and this is where they mostly frequent.

Information about wound bacteria which can be successfully eliminated with the PATHELEN® therapy.

The search for new antibiotics


The WHO (World health Organization) has warned recently that more and more antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective. In the last few years registrations of new antibiotics have decreased significantly. There have been only 2 substances with new mechanism of activity within 30 years. Why?

The search for new antibiotics has become synonymous to the classic expression "finding a needle in a haystack". Many of the pharmaceutical companies have opted from antibiotic research, for obvious reasons such as costs but also because new antibiotics entering the market are not being used at the same extent as previously and even being locked away in order to prevent resistance emergence.

Video about the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria


Antimicrobial resistance (produced by FDA)


Mecanismos de resistencia (produced by FDA)